Nagaoka has a wide variety of delicious foods.

Good rice, good water, clear air, and the Gem of Echigo produced from superior technology Chewy Koshihikari rice derived from abundant nature, and souvenirs made from that rice which is representative of Niigata prefecture, like Sasadango and a variety of rice crackers with unique crunchy texture. Nagaoka has a wide variety of delicious foods.

There are 17 breweries in Nagaoka city.

Delicious rice produced by fertile ground, Clear and cold subsoil water, Clean air, and Sake produced by the hands of outstanding Echigo master brewers. Niigata prefecture which is in top class position in both production and consumption quantity, is none other than a Sake kingdom. There are 17 breweries in Nagaoka city. All the brewers have brands that are well known all over the country. Tanrei dry also is a popular gem with good mouthfeeling and throat smoothness

  • Asahi Shuzo
  • Ikeura Shuzo
  • Ofuku Shuzo
  • Onda Shuzo
  • Kawachu Shuzo
  • Kusumi Shuzo
  • Koshimeijo
  • Suminoi Shuzo
  • Sekihara Shuzo
  • Takahashi Shuzo
  • Tochikura Shuzo
  • Nakagawa Shuzo
  • Hakuro Shuzo
  • Hasegawa Shuzo
  • Morohashi Shuzo
  • Yoshinogawa
  • Mihoshurui

Nagaoka Vegetables

Heavy snow fall and hot and humid summer climate combine to make the Nagaoka Vegetables a brand vegetable that takes advantage of nature. A treasure of Nagaoka that will be passed on to many generations.

"Nagaoka Vegetables" refers to vegetables that have passed the following criteria set forth by the "Nagaoka Vegetables Brand Association" made up of farmers, consumers, Agricultural organizations and marketers in and around Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture. Currently there are 16 items.

  • Has been available since ages and only obtainable in Nagaoka
  • Is available anywhere but especially delicious when made in Nagaoka
  • A new vegetable but eaten in a unique way in Nagaoka

Fish Market Street

The crowded fish market boasts of a large number of shops providing fresh marine products at reasonable prices. Crab, nambanebi shrimps, and grilled squid are at the top of the lists of local shoppers and tourists.

Location / Aramachi, Teradomari, Nagaoka