Nagaoka War Damage Resource Center

This facility is meant to tell live lessons correctly to generationsthat do not know the war, about the disastrous air raid experience as well as for fostering of peace consciousness in the next generation. It was developed as a joint effort of citizens and government.

Location : 2-6-17 Jonaicho, Nagaoka

Nyozezou Museum

Starting with art collections of entrepreneurKyohachiroNomoto who established the Goson Bunko library, a school, social studies and other public institutions, this facility has in display, relics and materials created by Nagaoka born great men.

Location : 1-3-8 Fukuzumi, Nagaoka

Nagaoka Earthquake Disaster Archive Center [KiokuMirai]

In 2004, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7, hit the Chuetsu area of Niigata prefecture. This facility conveys the extent of damage, the records, lessons learned as well as the status of reconstruction efforts in a disaster area.

Location : 2-6 Otedori, Nagaoka, Phoenix Ohte East 2F

KomeHyappyoSculptured groupMonument

Located in the center of the Furusato no mori in Senshugahara, It depicts one act of Yamamoto Yuzou's drama [Komehyappyo]. It is a symbol of the [Komehyappyo spirit] which citizens of Nagaoka have relayed for generations.

Location : 3 Senshu, Nagaoka (In front of Hive Nagaoka)


To mark 100 years after the death of Kobayashi Torasaburo, as a mark of the spirit of komehyappyo, it was decided that this monument be erected at the site of the country clan school which is the foundation of modern education in Nagaoka.

Location : 2 Ohtedori, Nagaoka

The Niigata Prefectural Museum of History

A museum that is unique countrywide. From snow country escape routes to Full-scale restoration diorama of Jomon era lifestyle objects are displayed. Nostalgic Showa landscape is also reproduced.

Location : 2247-2 Gongendo, 1 Sekiharamachi, Nagaoka

Yamamoto Memorial Park

A memorial park built on the compound where Yamamoto Isoroku was born, the former residence of the Takano family. Isoroku's birth house (replica) and portrait are erected in the garden.

Location : 3 Sakanouemachi, Nagaoka

Yamamoto Isoroku Memorial Museum

A memorial museum for Yamamoto Isoroku who was the commander-in-chief of the Combined fleet during the 2nd world war. Inside the museum is the left wing of the aircraft in which the Marshal was flying during his death at the Bougainville Island.

Location : 1-4-1 Gofukumachi, Nagaoka

Shoufukuji Temple

This temple was used as a military hospital during the Hokuetsu Boshin war. Later, Kobayashi Torasaburo rented the main hall where he started the Kokkan school. In front of the gate, there is a monument that read [Birthplace of NagaokaKokkan School].

Location : 4-6-21 Shiromaru, Nagaoka

Tsuginosuke Kawai Memorial Museum

A resource center where one can learn about the life of Tsuginosuke Kawai who governed the Nagaoka clan at the end of the Edo period. Tsuginosuke's trip memoirs (Chiritsubo), and many related items are on display.

Location : 1-chome, Ko 1675-1 Nagacho, Nagaoka

Koukokuji Temple

The temple where Kobayashi Torasaburo widely known for Komehyappyo historical fact is buried. At first, Torasaburo was buried at the Ueno Yanakacemetry. In order to have his remains closer to his birthplace Nagaoka, his family decided to relocate his burial place to their family temple koukokuji.

Location : 2-3-43 Senju, Nagaoka

City Hall Plaza[Ao-re Nagaoka] Theater

Nagaoka fireworks and other attractions from various areas including actual 3D and 4K images that cannot be experienced anywhere else. To watch the great Nagaoka fireworks on a 240 inch screen is a masterpiece.

Location : 1-4-10 Ohtedori, Nagaoka

Eiryouji Temple

Family temple of The Makino family who owned the Nagaoka clan. Graves of Tsuginosuke Kawai who commanded the Nagaoka clan during the Hokuetsu Boshin war and MishimaTokujirou who was instrumental to the reconstruction program are at this temple.

Location : 3-5-6 Higashikanda, Nagaoka

Choukouji Temple

Nagaoka clan battalion commanderTatewaki Yamamoto and many Nagaoka clan samurai are buried here. Isoroku Yamamoto who joined the Yamamoto family and later became the commander-in-chief of the Combined fleet and died on the southern airspace is also buried here.

Location : 1636 Keikocho, Nagaoka

Echigo Hillside National Government Park

You can enjoy sports and recreational activities in beautiful natural surroundings. This park is the only national government park in the Hokuriku region.

Location : 1950-1 Miyamoto Higashikata-machi, Nagaoka

Momijien(Maple Garden)

Completed in 1896 as a villa for the Takahashi Family, the wealthy landowner of the former Raikoji village. The garden is well-known for its breathtaking view of crimson maple leaves in autumn. The illuminated garden in an autumnal evening creates a world of fantasy.

Location : 600 Asahi, Nagaoka